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Telescoping Masts

When Elevation is Mission-Critical, Floatograph is Your Go-to Resource

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When your mission demands elevation, Floatograph Technologies’ telescoping masts provide proven engineered solutions to meet a broad range of height and payload requirements. Floatograph’s masts come in height options from 10 to 100 feet, and payload capacity up to 450 pounds. From simple to complex, mundane to life threatening, Floatograph has a mast for every mission.

Durable, reliable, and cost-effective, Floatograph’s mechanical masts require minimal care and maintenance, making them ideal for use in rough weather conditions or deployment to remote areas. Floatograph’s telescoping masts are ideal for mobile OR fixed uses. When paired with our military or commercial grade trailers, it becomes a truly dynamic solution for your needs.

Floatograph’s telescoping masts are currently deployed across the globe playing an essential role in many sectors of homeland security, law enforcement and intelligence and scientific experiment data gathering functions. Each day, Floatograph’s masts provide critical surveillance to protect U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as to secure America’s borders. When elevation is mission critical, Floatograph is your go-to resource.

Commercially, Floatograph’s masts are utilized for a wide scope of data communication, collection and observational activities. From mobile cell towers and Hot Spots, to scientific data gathering under harsh conditions, to the U.S. Department of Energy, to utility companies monitoring underground installations, Floatograph’s telescoping masts meet your mission from high in the sky to under the ground below.

Let Floatograph elevate your mission.